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  • Ionic Rock™
  • Ionic Rock™
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Features & Benefits

  • Blends beautiful ambient light and relaxing ionization
  • Actively attracts and removes positive ions that adversely affect your mood
  • Cleanses the air of bacteria and irritants in circulating water vapor
  • Promotes relaxation and serotonin production to balance mood and relieve stress
  • Simply plug in and turn on
  • Looks great with any decor

Balance your mood with ionizing salt
and beautifiul ambient light!

Introducing Ionic Rock™

Now you can experience the biochemical benefits of negative ions right at home. Just plug the salt lamp in and let the beautiful glow transform any room. When we relax, our brain produces more serotonin which in turn balances mood and relieves stress. Ionic Rock™ Salt Crystal Lamps are a unique way to blend beautiful ambient light and a powerful connection to the outdoors so you can relax and get the energy back that you deserve!

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Help counteract the presence & impact of all these:

  • Helps with all this
  • Helps with all this
See how it works

Positive ions from harsh UV lights, TVs and computers can affect our mood. Negative ions can be found in the air around rivers, streams and waterfalls. Dust, pet dander, pollen, smoke, even viruses are free to circulate in your home. When heated, the salt attracts water vapors that carry bacteria through the air. When negative ions are released, they attract and draw in these particles so your family doesn’t have to breathe in harmful bacteria!

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